Guaranteed Removals:
Scholarships for Women Who Code

Guaranteed Removals is encouraging female students in North America who are studying technology to apply to our 2020 scholarship program. We are offering five scholarships worth $1,000 (USD/ CAD). To be eligible, students must have been accepted to an accredited college or university in North America.

Although this scholarship is also open students studying in the field of criminology, law, computer science, Guaranteed Removals is joining the mission to close the gender gap in technology by encouraging women in tech to apply. With some financial assistance, we hope to encourage women to explore their interests in the tech industry.

To apply, simply complete the online registration form, upload proof of enrollment and submit a 400 word description of what you plan to do with your degree after graduation. Our scholarship program is accepting applicants until September 15, 2020. We will announce the five winners by October 1, 2020.

The Guaranteed Removals Scholarship For Women Who Code

Currently, female employees comprise only a small percentage of the digital landscape, and despite reaching a high educational level, they receive fewer professional opportunities.

“We want to help to minimize the gender gap in the technology field by encouraging women to apply to this scholarship,” states President James John. The tech industry offers endless opportunities, and breaking down these barriers will fuel innovation.”

Women Who Code: What Is It and Is It Important?

Women Who Code is an international non-profit organization that provides service for women pursuing career in technology. These services include free technical study groups, career and leadership development, speaking events featuring tech experts, and hack nights. Additionally, they connect companies looking for coding professionals to women in tech.

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Women In Tech Scholarships

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